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Here at Sarisohn, Carner & DeVita we are committed to helping you through the difficult times that often follow an accident. If you are injured, there are important time limitations, mountains of paperwork and complex legal issues involving your rights as an injured person. Decades of experience and service to injured Long Islanders makes our firm your best resource for help. Because we are conveniently located in central Suffolk County, our office is easy to reach. If you are unable to come to the office, we can arrange an in-home consultation. Or one of our lawyers can visit a sick or injured family member in the hospital, if needed.


Accidents and Personal Injury

If faced with an injury, you should become informed of your rights immediately. Often, well meaning friends and family will offer advice that later proves to be incomplete, inaccurate or just plain wrong. Trust the professionals at Sarisohn, Carner & DeVita who will dedicate their efforts to advising and protecting your rights as an injured person. If you are entitled to a recovery, rest assured that your lawyer is fighting to secure just compensation. If you have injury claims to bring, know that they will be prosecuted fully and fairly by our attorneys.

Holding the Negligent Accountable for Your Injuries

A leisurely drive. A walk down the street. A visit to the doctor. A stay in a nursing home. While seemingly safe, each of these actions can result in serious, life-threatening injuries. At Sarisohn, Carner & DeVita, we hold negligent parties accountable and seek just compensation for our clients through personal injury claims.

Negligence Resulting in Car and Truck Accidents

At Sarisohn, Carner & DeVita, our practice of personal injury covers a variety of diverse areas. Most common are accidents that involve a car or truck. An impaired or inattentive automobile driver can present danger to others on the road. Similarly, a truck driver who is sleep deprived or carrying too much weight in the trailer literally represents an accident waiting to happen.

Holding Property Owners Accountable for Slip and Fall and Dog Bite Injuries

Our personal injury attorneys also represent clients injured due to a property owner’s negligence. We represent the injured who suffer from physical and emotional injuries because someone ignored a potential danger, such as a dog bite or a slippery surface.

Unexpected Dangers from Medical Professionals

A visit to a medical clinic should be an important step in getting better. Placing your elderly loved one in the care of nursing home staff is a bond of trust. You assume that medical professionals at all levels maintain high standards of quality in their care. The last thing you expect is medical malpractice or the abuse or neglect of your family member. Bed sores, pressure sores, decubitus ulcers are often a sign of neglect on the part of nursing home staff.


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You should hire a personal injury attorney if you have suffered any injury due to another’s negligence or wrongdoing, including reckless driving.

Not necessarily. In fact, many personal injury cases, usually around 80% of them, are settled before the litigation process starts. Even if your case does reach the litigation stage, that does not mean that you will have to testify. Attorneys will work together to resolve the claim before or during mediation, making sure the case is not argued in a courtroom.

You should bring any documents pertaining to your injury and the circumstances involved in sustaining that injury. For the injury itself, copies of the medical records for the injury’s treatment and photographs of the injury are critical to bring. As for the circumstances, any police or incident report, insurance company correspondence, vehicle repair estimates, towing receipts, and photographs of the scene of the injury will be useful for any potential personal injury lawyer. Be sure to bring any wage loss information as well.

No, many cases are settled during the demand phase, when we will present an in-depth overview of the case to the party at fault and their representation, if any. This comprehensive summary includes the facts of the case, any pertinent case law, a record of losses and analysis of any potential future out-of-pocket losses, and an estimate of damages as well as supporting documents such as witness statements and medical bills.

Negligence is the lack of reasonable care that results in harm to others. If you are injured in an automobile accident, say, when the at-fault driver collided with you because he fell asleep at the wheel, you can file a personal injury claim due to the driver’s negligence, or his inability to do something a reasonably careful person would normally do (i.e., pull over and sleep).

Not without talking to an experienced personal injury attorney first. You should always assume that any insurance settlement will be in the insurance company’s best interest, first and foremost, and not necessarily in your own.

Before talking to the insurance company, seek and secure legal representation. Your attorney can negotiate on your behalf and help you get a fair settlement.

You can recover many different types of damages in a personal injury case, including coverage of past and future medical treatment, pain and suffering, and loss of wages. Contact an experienced personal injury attorney for more details on potential awarded damages.